Slow Streamyx? How About Getting Alternative Broadband/ISP in Malaysia?


If you reach this page through search engine well then you might be probably one of the unsatisfied customer of Streamyx who is thinking of getting an alternative broadband in Malaysia. Previously I have expressed my dissatisfaction on their services, & since then write few blog posts about the other broadbands available in Malaysia (You may read the post 1,2,3 & 4) while sharing you own experience or questions with other fellow readers. So while Streamyx really isn’t that stable, here’s what you might want to do about it :

1. There are some tips about how to speed things up using Streamyx. (99% it won’t work, but anyway just give it a try :mrgreen: )
2. Change to another ISP (Full list can be found at Wikipedia)
3. Throw away your Streamyx & be a monk so that you will not worry about anything happened in this world anymore :grin:

Anyone has similar problem? Hope you can share it with us :wink: