Soalan Bocor Peperiksaan UPSR, PMR, SPM & STPM

I am not a frequent listener of the radio as I watch news & movies via TV or PC but few days ago I was prompted by a sudden impulse to on my radio & what I heard was some really shocking news :

This guy by the name of Andrew Choo has talked about questions that came out in previous years & he was pretty sure all his prediction for this year will be accurate, so after that he went ahead & read all his own created soalan bocor for Peperiksaan UPSR, PMR, SPM & STPM live on the radio FM! (Oops, forgot to mention it was 988) To any Malay or Indian friends, it’s a Cantonese channel if you couldn’t understand that do ask your Chinese friends to help translate it for you~

Well I am not sure whether it will come out in the exams but is it legal to do so? Wow I was surprised by his act – Not sure if it will come out in the exam but if it’s true, I would bump my head against the wall for sitting for my exams too early :???: If he is really that awesome, can he provides Toto numbers for me? Would greatly appreciate that :mrgreen: )

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