Social Spark – Izea New Baby & Argus Debut

Ted Murphy is a Facebook-aholic. Don’t believe me? Check out his latest project: Social Spark. It is a social network for advertisers which is a combination of Facebook + PayPerPost + Google Analytics.

Social Spark
Still thinking about your blog recent PR demotion?

No worry as the new method of ranking won’t be based on Pagerank anymore. (Hope everyone who has experienced PR demotion will be glad upon hearing this :wink: )It will only be launched next January, so until then you can sign up for more information about Social Spark at their homepage. You can check out Andy Beard post to get a better idea of it.

My 2 cents: For those who have high PR & low traffic blogs but wish to earn money; It’s time now to build up some traffic as advertisers are able to track your blog’s visitor by injecting analytics code in your blog, it won’t be THAT easy to earn $$$ like last time where you just simply write a 150-200 words post & money will come in. Better move your lazy ass & start to build traffic now!