Substitution Effect

Yes, Arsenal continue to be the leader of the EPL! Bolton were beaten 2-0 through goals from Kolo Toure & Tomas Rosicky at the second half, thanks to a brilliant duo substitution from the gaffer in the second half. The introduction of Walcott & Rosicky to the game has really changed the game, with a blistering burst of pace from Walcott has managed to create some real problems for the Bolton’s defense. Bolton was under pressure all the time, they couldn’t even managed to create some chances to the Arsenal defense. Want to know how many shots they managed for the whole game? An embarrassing 1 shot !

Time and again last season, Arsenal failed to shake off dogged opponents of the type they faced up to in this game, but they have found the key to winning games like this and Wenger reserved special praise for Walcott as he met the media. ‘The boy is ready to start in the Premier League now and I’m sure he can be a big player for us this season,’ stated Wenger. ‘Even though he is on the wing at the moment, I see him as a striker in the long run and his pace and strength is developing all the time.’ Oh yeah, I can see Wenger is trying to train him just as what he did to Thierry Henry last time.

Although Bolton appeared to be playing 4-5-1 in the beginning of the match, the formation has slowly been transformed into 5-5-0 with Kevin Davies helping in the other end of the pitch. Players were playing harsh, with 5 yellow cards issued to the Trotters players. Maybe that’s only thing they can do since there’s no striker & they eventually lost the possession of the ball with the Gunners keeping up the pressure all the time. Easy win for the Gunners.

WTF WERE YOU DOING?! : Emmanuel Adebayor looked certain to score as he raced clear on goal 14 minutes from time, but after rounding the keeper, he preceded to trip over the ball. Maybe he should just dig a hole & put his head into it…