Switch Back To Old Version Of Facebook!


Hate the new Facebook interface? You are not alone.

A lot of Facebook users are not satisfied with the change. According to Techcrunch, 94% of the Facebook users are not happy with the home page revamp. Haven’t they ever heard of the saying “If it ain’t broken why fix it?

There are people who don’t like the current view and tried to fix it by posting up tutorials on how to switch back to old version of Facebook, however just few hous later Facebook has fixed the problem to make sure everyone is getting to the current version.

So far there is currently no appropriate way to revert to the good old version. The other methods are complicated and rely on past Facebook data, which will all be removed very soon. It’s obvious that Facebook doesn’t like them and they will always be stopped. Don’t even bother to make any changes.

If you are frustrated just as any other FB users, now & hope that one day Mark Zuckerberg will make any amend to the Facebook page.