Tagged.com – Tagged Login

Tagged.com is one of the most popular social networking website in the world. It was initially launched to attract US high school students but have since opened to people from all over the world. With Tagged users can choose to build and customize profiles, send messages, leave comments, post bulletins, customize status, browse photos, watch videos, play games, give gifts, give tags, chat and make friends.


Tagged is aggressive when it comes to signing up new users. At registration users are strongly encouraged to invite their entire address book as friends during the login process. It’s a highly viral, although controversial, way to quickly add lots of new users. When you use the invite feature and give them your password all contacts in your address book will be sent an email saying they have been “tagged“. Some countries, such as Qatar, has decided to ban the website after receiving numerous complaints from the web users.

While they may be a bit rush about getting new users, it is still as good as any other social networking site out there. Go and give it a try at Tagged.com, login for yourself and see how good it actually is!

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