The Evolution Of Mario & His Power-Ups

If you are one of those Mario fans out there then you should not miss this! Ever since Mario was created back in 1981 he has gone through several process of evolution, which makes him one of the hottest video game character out there! Check this picture out:

The Evolution Of Mario

Do you know why Mario looks like this? That’s because of hardware limitations by the time he was created, mustache was given to separate the nose from his face & hat was drew because hair was hard to draw, Ha! Such simple drawing marks the beginning of the journey of a plumber to become the superhero!

Though his occupation is a plumber, you can hardly see him travel around with his pipe, only during movie or cartoon series where you will see him fixing here and there most of the time~

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Mario Evolution

Mushroom has been the most common power-up in this game, where he will become bigger in size as he take it, while fire flower will get him the ability to release fireballs, not to forget the star, which makes him invulnerable to attack & kill his enemies with just a single touch in a limited period. These have been those common power-ups for him, while suit have been playing a vital part, one of the best suit has to be the bee suit~

Super mario Galaxy Bee

Aww~ So cute isn’t he? :grin:

As today marked the beginning of a new year, let us hope that Nintendo will continue to create other innovative add-ons to make this a better & enjoyable game!