Weirdos At Gym

It has been 3 months since I go to gym, funny (Or weird?) thing is that you can see weirdos pop up in gym all the time.

Ok, it is normal for those muscle guys to lift 50-60 kg, scream when they drop off the dumbbells, and even taking off their shirts & look at their own bodies, yet when you are just a skinny guy who has nothing but bones, doing the same as what they did isn’t really a good idea~


Well, that’s not the only case, I have seen someone who get embarrassed because of trying to show off in front of his girl-friend:

Girl : “Wow, you are cool! How heavy do you normally lift? (Chest Press)”
Skinny Guy: “25kg.”
Girl : “Great! *Shout* Can you show me!”
Skinny Guy: “Sure!”
“After few seconds…”
*@#%^… HELP!!!*
People rushed & help him…

Soon everyone in the gym burst into laugh…

:arrow: We go to gym to build strength and not to show off strength.

After all those embarrassing moments which part of the body has he trained?

I think…