What Man Love About Woman

Next week will be my English presentation & the topic that I have chosen for the presentation is “What Man Love About Woman“. Seriously I have several points to write about but somehow all are related to sex :mrgreen: LOL. Here I have some points which I have written in my speech, why don’t you guys try it out? (For girls, just pretend that you are a guy & imagine what you like about a woman, ok? :razz: )

:arrow: What do you love about a woman?

1. Voice (Cute, high-pitched, etc.)
2. Hair (Long, short, curly, etc.)
3. Body (Big boobs, sexy ass, etc.)
4. Fragrance (Nice smelling)
5. Smile (Maybe let you feel relax?)
6. Attitude (Friendly, talkative, etc.)
7. Money/Fame?
8. None of the above? You are a gay then :razz:

Do write down what you like of a woman in the comment form below so that we can share the type of girls that we like. Here’s my own answer:

1. Normal Voice
2. Long Hair
3. Every body part must BIG except her waist :mrgreen:
4. Of course nice lah! If not you like bad smelling woman ah?
5. I love girls who likes to laugh
6. Talkative but knows how to shut up when I am in a bad mood
7. None of them
8. Too bad I m straight