Why It’s Always Important To Build Relationship With Bloggers


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Why in the world would you link to another blog – an outlet that enables visitors to your blog to leave with a click? Doesn’t make sense, does it? Well, the fact is, it makes a lot of sense – especially if you link into blogs that appeal to the same readership.

1. Develop professional relationships.

I always have few pieces loaded and ready to post on other blogs. I want to appear on other blogs that have the same readership that might be interested in my blog.

Appearing on the blogs of others is a sign of credibility, something that is sorely ( and I do mean SORELY) missing among bloggers. Although it has been proven that linking out will not reduce the pagerank of any sites, most bloggers still prefer not to link to other sites.

Develop professional relationship with fellow bloggers and both parties will be benefited in the long run.

2. We’re building a knowledge base.

Blogger A writes a post called “Building Effective Landing Pages.” Three days later, Blogger B posts “Building Trip Wire Marketing Into Landing Pages.” Now, I know Blogger B reads Blogger A’s blog, and I even know where he got the idea for his trip-wire piece. But that’s not plagiarism.

Blogger B added new information, brought new talking points to the discussion table. That’s nothing more than building a knowledge base at the speed of digital.

By connecting with other bloggers, you learn from each other, you share ideas and you grow the base of knowledge within your sphere. Knowledge sharing isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good thing. So learn from the competition. Don’t just spin a post to make it your own. Add something to the discussion.

Together, we’re building a knowledge base.

3. Be part of a bigger target.

If it’s just you and your little blog, you’re nothing but an atom in the blogosphere. But, if you link to 10 other bloggers in your post, perhaps they might give you some link love after they noticed the trackback when they login into their WP dashboard.

It makes it much easier for readers to find you and, if they like what they see and read, you have another subscriber. Or, at least you got a bookmark. That’s not a bad thing, is it?

4. Network free.

As in all things, it’s not always what you know, it’s who you know, and hooking up with other bloggers is the best way to network.

You might get called in to do a little job. Two months later, that client calls you directly for a big job. So, you helped out a fellow blogger, you made an impression, you networked and guess what…it landed you a nice new assignment and the potential for a long-term business relationship – the best kind to have. It’s always better to have a stable client base than to constantly beat the bushes for the next assignment from the newest client. Give me that long-term assignment any day.

In fact, it costs ten times as much to find a new client than it does to keep an existing client in place, so networking, over the long-term, is the key to success. Over time, you build a steady client base that keeps coming back for more of your great work – and you don’t have to do anything except answer the phone.

Connectivity, a bigger target, overflow work, business synergies – there are a lot of good reasons to add other blogs to your blog roll and have other blog masters add your blog to theirs.

You never know where that next big client is going to come from. You never know where that long-term gig is going to come from. But you do know this: connectivity on the web = web success, whether it’s site connectivity or connecting up with other, quality blogging professionals.

Choose wisely. You’ll look better and bigger than you are.

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