Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade To Wordpress 2.8.2

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Every Wordpress user knows how important it is to update a blog to the latest version of Wordpress to avoid being hacked by some authorised users. However, if you are using the following plugins, I would advise you to stick with it until a stable version of Wordpress is release in the future because of the following glitches :

1. Slow Speed When Creating Sitemap

It took 16 seconds to create a sitemap using the Google XML sitemap plugin. Unless Wordpress 2.6, it only requires 5 seconds to notify Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

2. Couldn’t Upload Image Using Flash Uploader

I can only upload images using browser uploader. Not sure if anyone is facing the problem though.

3. WP emoticons showed up in comments section

Why would they show up above my comments when they are supposed to be in the new post section??

If you have not upgrade to Wordpress 2.8.2 please be patient and wait until further release of Wordpress. You will be better off with the one that you are using right now.

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