Windows Update Agent Download


Windows Update Agent will be automatically download whenever a pc gets connected to the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server or to Windows Update. However, it can be done manually by using the installation package provided by Microsoft.

Following is a brief guide on how you can download the latest Windows Update Agent

1. Download the signed cabinet file. The file contains the info on the latest update of WUA (It can be downloaded from Microsoft Update)

2. Extract the files. Example of tools that can be used to perform this function includes Cabinet Software Development Kit & CABView

3. Compare between the version of Windows Update Agent. Download only if you have an old version & you want to replace it.

4. Update the WUA API header files. Different version of header files can be found here.

Note: The information above is taken from Microsoft Developer Network. If you found any problems, feel free to post it at the comment box provided below this page.