Withdraw PayPal Funds for Malaysians

Paypal Malaysia

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It seems that a lot of Malaysians are facing the problem of withdrawing paypal funds to their bank account. Well if anyone of you do not know about the recent policy it says that Malaysians can have any Paypal changes (Sending, receiving & withdrawals) starting from August of 2007, but first you have to verify your account before you can withdraw the money. From my own experience Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card works the best, but they are people who claims that Al-Rajhi bank debit card is also a good choice. For more info on how to withdraw paypal funds, please refer to this tutorial. Hope this can help you guys.

*Note : This technique only applies for debit card*

So far I have not heard of any news for credit card users, if you know anything about this hope you can kindly leave your comment in the comment box below.

Update : Credit card users can now withdraw money from Paypal accounts! The steps are the same as withdrawal for debit cards

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