YouTube For Gamers : WeGame

Looking back few years ago I was addicted to video games such as Final Fantasy series and Wild Arms which could take up to hundred hours trying to finish the game, which results in dissapoinment of my parents because of wasting priceless hours on things which they think is useless

Jared Kim, a nineteen-year-old Berkeley dropout, has a similar obsession of video games too, however he managed to turn it into something his parents can certainly be proud of: A new Youtube-like website called WeGame.

Once you get to the video sharing site, you can see a list of games on the right hand sidebar -

Game List

Nice list of games there, but I will only click on Warcraft 3 :razz:

Then how bout the video quality?

WeGame Thumb

It’s no doubt that the video quality is excellent, besides that WeGame also steps in by providing a free desktop client that works tightly with DirectX to capture screencasts from within games without slowing them down significantly. The only drawback is that since most games are created using Microsoft DirectX technology so the desktop client will only be available for Window users (Sorry Mac users!)

So gamers if you think you want to search for tips on how to beat a level, or just want to enjoy a pro plays a game then WeGame is definitely the best choice for you guys!