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Mobile Phone More Dangerous than smoking?

By Edward • Mar 31st, 2008 • Category: News

Teenagers, listen to this; Mobile phone is more dangerous than smoking! A recent research has revealed that signals from mobile phone has something to do with the brain’s tumor. According to the award-winning cancer expert, mobile phone can be three times more dangerous than smoking or asbestos, scary huh? Not only that if you use [...]

Most Fearless Animal on Earth

By Edward • Mar 31st, 2008 • Category: Interesting

Guiness World Record has chosen this species as the most fearless animal on earth. Reason? It can take out any deadly animal easily. Don’t believe? Watch the video & I am sure you will never ever dare to underestimate this species anymore

Elephant Artist

By Edward • Mar 30th, 2008 • Category: Art

The video above shows an elephant is drawing … Another elephant. No matter it’s true or false, it’s still worth to spend your valuable 8 minutes to look at it. Maybe artists like Picasso was a result of reincarnation of an elephant?
Source : Digg

Dell response to MacBook Air

By Edward • Mar 30th, 2008 • Category: Gadgets, Interesting, Tech

MacBook Air has been one of the hottest gadget for some time, however the race for the hottest computer hasn’t over yet; It’s now the time to have someone to stand up & compete with them, so here comes the response from Dell to Apple ~

Hitler or Chaplin

By Edward • Mar 29th, 2008 • Category: Funny

Can you spot the difference between Hitler & Chaplin?
Source : Scary Ideas