Semakan Senarai Nama Peserta & Calon PLKN / Khidmat Negara


Ingin tahu sama ada anda telah dipilih untuk menyertai PLKN atau tidak? Terdapat dua cara untuk membuat semakan senarai nama peserta & calon PLKN, iaitu melalui laman web Khidmat Negara atau SMS

Langkah 1

Visit the official web site of national service. Once you get there, key in your IC number & click on the ‘Cari‘ button

Langkah 2

Taipkan “NS(ruang) e.g. NS(ruang) 911212115050 & hantarkan SMS anda ke 33995

Back few years ago when I was still a high school student I was afraid of getting chosen to PLKN camp. Tell me, which guy would like to have a bald head? So everyone was busy talking about this & some people even said if you want to check your national service status online, those officers may record down your IC number & make you as one of the candidates :shock: Spooky eh? Anyway this is just a rumour and has no basis or any proofs to certify the truth of it.

So do you like to be chosen of NS?

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