8 Best Social Networking Softwares For Web Entrepreneurs

Social Networking

The popularity of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace has led to the creation of a number of excellent social networking software applications. While there are entrepreneurs who wish to become the next Zuckenberg by launching their own social networking websites, they may not have the modal or skill required to build a website from scratch. So if you’re looking for reliable social networking software, the following solutions might be what you are looking for:

1. Mahara


One of the most highly-recommended social networking software packages, Makara offers everything from blogs, portfolios, and resume builders to online communities. Mahara is designed such that users can demonstrate their knowledge and skills to their audience. To some degree, Mahara is based on the idea of online learning communities, encouraging users to share information and a variety of intellectual resources with one another. Mahara is particularly suited to a demographic that involves college students.

2. KickApps


Developers gets more control over the CSS styling of the website using Kickapps, Consequently it requires high expertise to create the website, but it also means the result will be more promising than those websites that are based on premade templates. The widget creation tool allows users to engage in certain activities inside of a small box which will bring the users back to the main site. Perfect for website owner who wants to have professional looking website with variety of features.

3. Yogurt & XOOPS


XOOPS is a Content Management software program that lets you build your website based on your particular needs, while Yogurt is the social networking module that plugs into XOOPS CMS. Yogurt allows you to set up photo albums, video albums, friend lists, public messages and communities. It also allows you to integrate YouTube videos as well as other types of technologies into your social networking site.

4. AroundMe


AroundMe collaboration server is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to create collaborative social spaces on the Web. If you have an established business and are actively looking for software that helps you to expand your business then AROUNDMe collaboration server is the solution for you. One of the best things about AroundMe is that it is one of the least resource intensive software options, and only requires about 3 MB of disk space to get it set up. Of course, it requires more space for users to be able to store images, but that can be configured to whatever level you want.

5. Lovd by Less


Yet another open source social networking software, Lovd by Less is one of the few platforms that runs on Ruby on Rails. While they offer the same basic features as other social networking softwares , the web 2.0 design is certainly be the best reason why you should choose Lovd by Less. It also includes integration with both YouTube and Flickr.

6. Dolphin


YouTube, MySpace, Odeo, Flickr, Match and Facebook in one place. Whether it’s video sharing, mp3 streaming or dating service, Dolphin can provide it – All for free. Need some privacy? Chat with your peers online without interruption! You get to have full screen video mode that allows you to chat with your friends personally in a private room. Need a forum? The 100% Ajax forum will make your site looks classier. Want to know the upcoming events? Search event allows you to look for the hottest events that will be held near your place.

7. Ning


Ning is the one stop destination for everyone regardless of their knowledge in programming or semantic markup language. It’s fairly easy to create your own Ning network. Sign up for a free account, choose your theme, customize your appearances, and choose which features you would like to offer the users. In just 5 minutes you will have your own social networking website with cool features and personalized profiles, all for free.

8. Elgg


This open-source platform runs on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) format. It offers a versatile array of features, including blogs, social bookmarking, groups based on topics, microblogging and file sharing. Elgg won the award for the best open source social networking platform back in 2008. For a full list of features, visit Elgg http://elgg.org/about.php official website for more details.

If you have just started to manage a website then the 8 social networking softwares mentioned above might be a good start for you. With a little bit of creativity and marketing skills, there’s no reason why you cannot be success in the future. :P

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