8 useful tips on How to get traffic from Digg

1. Catchy Titles & descriptions ; Read some magazine/ newspapers to learn how they write an article

2. Useful guides/tutorials (Top 10, Best, NSFW, etc) ; People like to read a list of short & useful tips rather than a bunch of sentences which only focus on a story

3. Funny/humor stuff ; All human have a sense of humor :wink:

4. Provide valuable comments ; Don’t just go & leave “Hmm… That’s nice!” or “I agree!” type of comment, you will be hate forever!

5. Get a bunch of friends to digg your articles ; Be careful with this one, you will not want to get kick out from Digg!

5. Write about tech stuffs ; Tell me, who doesn’t like Apple and Ubuntu? :razz:

6. Unique Contents ; No one likes duplicate contents!

7. Write something good about Digg ; Once Kevin Rose saw it then the article will get straightly to the front page!

8. Write article like —THIS ONE— ; There are always people like you who are searching for this kind of articles :mrgreen:

There you go, 8 useful tips on how to get traffic from Digg!