Adsense Tips?

Few days after I have posted my Adsense earning in a day, my inbox has been packed with quite a few emails asking about my Adsense income, so I have chosen a few questions from those emails & created a list of FAQ. Do read on & I hope that you can get your answers from the list below :wink:

1. How much do you earn from Adsense?
- I can’t tell you much about it since I have only monetized it last week, but I do can tell you that the money is going to reach US$100 soon :razz:

2. Adsense tips?
- My ads are well blended to my blog
- Read LiewCF’s blog for more tips

3. I have been blogging for years yet I never reached that amount in a day. How do you manage to do that?
- Traffic. No traffic = No money. How to get traffic? You can digg it or stumble it. These two works quite well for me, search engine also helps a lot :!:

4. Your blog is full with craps. How can you get that amount per day? You Liar!
- Brother if my blog is full with craps yet can earn such amount per day then that mean this piece of crap is very popular, & if you do not like it, just get the fark off

5. How many sites/blog do you have?
- One

6. Are you going to add more ads soon?
- Yup, but definitely not in this month as I have few experiments to do before I put up those ads on my blog

Few more tips from myself :
- DO NOT read those blogs who claims themselves as “PRO” but do not posting any of their money earning proof
- Study the ads placement as it can be prove vital for your money earning journey. Don’t expect to earn big bucks by just simply throwing ads to your blog
- Get traffic to your site first. After you have been getting quite some traffic then only consider to monetize it
- Read this post from John Chow which explains very well why most bloggers couldn’t earn money online

That’s all & I really hope you have learned something from it. Happy blogging!