anna ciriani a.k.a. madameweb – sexiest teacher in the world

An Italian teacher has been suspended from school because of her extra-curricular activities as Internet porn star — Madameweb.

Anna Ciriani, who teaches Italian in the north-eastern town of Pordenone, says that she’s completely professional in school with modest clothing and serious attitude, yet once she leaves the school gate, she changes to Madameweb, the star of a number of hardcore videos that are spread over million of porn sites.

Five years ago Ciriani has been forced to change her post as teacher of Italian literature in a secondary school in the north-eastern town of Pordenone after students covered the toilets with nude photos of her downloaded from the Internet. Since then she has been the teacher for foreign adult students in a nearby town.

Hmm, how can those male colleagues bear with such a sexy woman? If there’s such a person in my college then I will attend my lectures everyday & follow everywhere she go just like the Digi yellow-man :mrgreen: