Arsenal & MU March On

William Gallas scored an easy goal from corner just before half time, thanks to Peter Cech’s unusual error to keep Arsenal on top of the table, few hours after Man Utd had overtook Arsenal to become the leader after a narrow 1-0 win over Liverpool at Anfield.

Arsenal MUWith all 1st team players back, it’s no doubt that Wenger had all in his mind to win the match, with African duo Didier Drogba & Michael Essien out due to injury. Almunia has been performing wonderful in this match with those fantastic saves to prevent Chelsea from scoring goals.

As the match go on, “Cashley” Cole has been booed all the time in his first ever return to Arsenal home ground. If you have been watching the match since the beginning, you will see that he purposely left the stating line up to avoid shaking hands with his teammates. Shame on you, Mr Cashley :evil: Don’t you know that Arsenal is the team who makes you a better football player? Learn from out captain Gallas who is so gentleman to shake his ex-teammates hand. In fact, he doesn’t even celebrated much when he scored the goal!

This match is by far one of the most harsh game that I have ever seen with a total of 9 yellow cards were given out!

Meanwhile, Tevez scored the winning goal to help MU remains on the second spot. Although they only have a mere possession of 39%, both Anderson & Hargreaves have been outstanding in preventing Liverpool from trying to attack via middle, shutting their strikers down & makes Liverpool crossing the ball all the time (With Crouch on the bench for most of the time, how could they think of crossing the ball? Shouldn’t they tried any other tactics?)