Betamax Problems/Resellers | Voipstunt, 12voip, LowrateVoip, VOIPWise, Nonoh Accounts Frozen

Seems that users of Betamax service have been facing some problems recently : Not being able to call although there’s still credits left in account, account being frozen for no reasons, able to hear the receiver’s voice but they couldn’t hear yours, etc. Currently sites reported to be affected includes Voipstunt, 12voip, LowrateVoip, VOIPWise & Nonoh. No idea if it’s technical problem or permanent, just hope that the problems will be solved soon.

By the way, anyone interested in being a reseller for Voipstunt, 12voip, LowrateVoip, VOIPWise or Nonoh? You may post your details here & see if any readers can help you.