Chua Soi Lek Sex Scandal and Video Tape

Just moments ago MCA Vice President and Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has admitted that he was the man captured in the sex video.

Chua Soi Lek Sex Video

He said the woman who was in the video is his personal friend, & he did not shoot the video himself. Investigation will not be carry out to find out who is the one who recorded the video, the most important is that his family has agreed to forgive him.

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Chua Soi Lek 4 videos

Hotel Sex Image Scandal

You can see the a thin guy on the left & a 20+ year old woman on the right, too bad it some parts have been blurred out…

It is indeed a shocking news in 2008, but I have to admit that it requires a lot of courage for him to admit, let just wait & see whether he will continue to be our health minister…