Crab Fishing Jobs In Alaska


How much do you know about Crab Fishing in Alaska? Well here are some facts about this job

@ Only male king crabs & snow crabs are kept, female crabs will be thrown back into the sea
@ A skilled Alaska fisherman can earn more than $10000 per day!
@ Crab vessels could cost nearly a million dollars to build, and tens of thousands of dollars to operate per year!
@ As they try to get to the bait, crabs often injure each other. A seriously injured crab serves as bait to the others, who will eat it. In fact, “ghost pots” — pots that are lost at sea — will continue to attract and kill crabs through this “self-baiting” process.

Crab fishing in Alaska can be considered as one of the best paid job in the world, which explains the reason why people are so eager to get this job. However, some of the fishermen will suffered because of overwork & unstable weather condition, which probably explains why this species of crab is one of the most valuable asset in the world

Source : Discovery