Do Charity And Be Grateful


Doing charity is good. When you donate money or helping someone, not only you will feel happy but there might be some surprise for you too!

Back few days ago, I have donated some money to few websites. Those money are meant to help building a better environment while taking care of the natural resources. While I don’t expect any return of them, they do give me few links from their homepage, and guess what, traffic has risen thanks to their kindness.

What do I get from them?

1. Links from authority website
2. More traffic
3. Better branding
4. And the best of all… I finally get the 1st page ranking in Google Malaysia for my English name, Edward!

If you have some extra money and don’t know what to do with it, please give it to those who deserved it. Be kind to other people and others will be kind to you.

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