Flickr Facebook Intergration : Flickr2Facebook

Flickr Facebook

Great news for Flickr users as they can share their pictures on Facebook with friends directly through their Facebook profiles, highlight recent photos, and connecting with Flickr peeps that are on Facebook. This is definitely an great app since you can brighten up your Facebook profile with some cool pictures from your Flickr account. Here’s how to do it:

1. Login to your Facebook account

2. Save this bookmarklet to your web browser’s bookmarks (You can either choose to right click it, then choose Bookmark This Link, or left click it, hold and drag to the top of your browser, right under your address bar)

3. Go to the Flickr page with the image which you would like to upload to your Facebook profile

4. Click on the bookmarklet

5. Doing step 4 will trigger the Flickr2Facebook logo to be appeared over the image.

6. Choose the album you would like to upload the image into.

Expecting more steps? Sorry to dissapoint you :wink:

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