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Friv is the flash game website where users get to choose from 200 flash games to play with. It’s a spectacular website with lots of variety if you are bored or just want to kill off some time. Don’t get fooled by some of the games; It might look like it was designed for kids but never underestimate those games or you will be punished! There are some fun and classic games such as Tetris, King Of Fighters, Dino Run, Pac Xon, Puzzle Bubble and many more to be play for free.

WARNING : This site is so addictive and you might stare at the computer screens for days once you caught up with the games. :grin:

DEAR FRIV USERS: You are probably reading this because you searched for Friv Games Website or on Google. Google has trouble indexing some flash sites, so next time if you want to play on Friv just enter “” into your address bar.

Time to waste my time on Friv :razz:

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