Life without camera & movie recommendation

Last week my sis went to Spain for the AFS exchange program which she will only come back two months later, so since it’s once in a lifetime she can go to such a beautiful place I gave her my camera & card reader so that she can take some nice photos over there.

But… Now only I realized that I miss my camera A LOT! Life without camera is really boring, can’t take photos of what I did, I am CAMERA-LESS!

Sigh… Ok, now about this weekend’s events :
I have to attend a gathering tomorrow & will stay overnight at my friend’s house, since we haven’t see each other for a long time we have come out with an idea – Watch movie. There are quite a few movies out there, but we have narrowed it down to 4 choices, which are:

a. I Am Legend
b. The Golden Compass
c. The Warlords
d. The Ferryman

Which one will you recommend?