Not A Money Making Blog Again? …

I am sure that every bloggers would like to earn money from their blogs, tell me anyone who doesn’t like $$$? No one, yet when the blog is not earning money, then it’s better for them to just KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT!!! Do not ever try to teach newbies about making money online if you only earn a few cents from your ‘money making blog’!!! You see, knowing how to optimize ads & getting a few clicks from Adsense doesn’t makes you a guru, really, I used to have my own MFA sites & I can know how much traffic & money you earn from your blog just from a view, I know maybe you have seen big sites like Shoemoney & LiewCF who earns big money from their blogs, but I have to tell you that they have been blogging for years & they produced quality articles, which makes it different from your ‘How to earn few pennies from my outdated -copycat -tech -blogs‘ You know what I mean? If those newbies ask for your opinions about their sites, just refer them to the pro’s site, do not ever misguide them!!!

What I hate about the so-called money making blog?
1. They don’t have a clue what BLOG is all about
2. They copy articles from other sites
3. They write the similar topics that probloggers blogged about
4. They write about outdated topics
5. The site is full with ads
6. There is at least one affiliate link in every post
7. Blog hosted on free hosting provider
8. Sell their ads for US$50 in a 2 weeks old, no PR, Alexa rank = 9 digits blog
9. They always talk about how good their blogs are

10.And most of all… They pretend to be pro!!!

This kind of blogs are polluting the Blogosphere nowadays, if you are one of them then I suggest you to delete your blog asap, do not cause global warming to the Blogosphere!

If you really have a blog please write good contents in it, after some time if you success in getting traffics to your blog then only consider putting ads in your blog, please do it for Blogosphere sake…