Public Mutual Fund | Unit Trust from Public Bank

Public Mutual

My parents have been Public Mutual Fund agents for quite some time but I did not start to invest in the unit trust until now. Yeah, it will probably take some time before I get to see the results but here are some reasons on why you should also start to invest in the mutual fund :

1. Diversification : Unit trusts provides small investor with an avenue to pool their savings for the purchase of a diversified portfolio of stocks & bonds that will bring returns at lower risks to unitholders compared with investing directly in stock markets
2. Professional Management : Unit trusts either engage or maintain in-house professional fund managers with the expertise & resources to manage the assets of the fund
3. Liquidity : Unitholders may redeem all or part of their units on any Business Day & have their proceeds mailed to them within 10 days
4. Ease of Transactions : Unit trusts do not require cumbersome administrative or paperwork or record keeping on the part of unitholder in managing his investments
5 Capital Gains : Through participation in securities, unit trust investments provide the opportunity to reap capital growth as part of the return on a unitholder’s investment

Copy from the Public Mutual Fund prospectus

So do you invest in unit trust? How’s the performance of your mutual fund?