The fate of a $10,000 scholarship is in your hand!

Dear Bloggers,
Have you vote for the winner of Blogging Scholarship 2007? Do take your time to visit these sites and help determine who’s going to receive the financial aid to further their education. College has narrowed it down to 20 bloggers, which you may want to have a look & find out who’s the young blogger that has the quality to receive the scholarship.

One thing that bothered me about this voting for scholarship issue is cheating is just too easy : Bloggers can just find their friends to vote for them. They won’t even care about what he/she writes on the blog, they just vote for their friend because they have been requested to do it. The money that belongs to the better blogger may have taken away just because the previous knows how to ask for votes.Ok, maybe I think too much ..(& I hope I am!)Oh well, just hope they will play the game fair & square