Top 50 Most Viewed Videos On YouTube Of All Time

YoutubePerhaps the best website ever created of all time, Youtube is visited by billions of visitors every day, searching for funny video clips, music videos, movie trailers or instructional videos created to solve daily problems. Among the vast amount of videos that were uploaded, plenty of them are definitely outstanding and generated a lot of views.

Here we take a look at top 50 most viewed videos on YouTube of all time:

1. The Evolution of Dance

You only need 6 minutes to become a superstar. Judson Laipply, a 30-year-old comedian/motivational speaker from Cleveland, created this video titled ‘The Evolution of Dance‘ back in year 2006 which features the comedian dancing to 32 different songs over a six minute period. From Hound Dog of Elvis Presley to Dirt Off Your Shoulder of Jay-Z, he has managed to compile a list of songs from various famous artists and created a dance with his unusual dance medley.

2. Girlfriend

“Girlfriend” is a song by Canadian sweetie Avril Lavigne, released as the single for her 3rd album, The Best Damn Thing. When the song was 1st released in US, it topped the US Billboard Hot 100 and the chart in Australia for 6 weeks, while hanging on the 2nd spot in the UK. It caused a bit of controversy when it was reported that the views were generated by auto-refreshing bot.

The YouTube video of the Avril Lavigne song Girlfriend has also been accused of having an exaggerated number of views due to the use of a link with an auto-refresh mechanism posted by AvrilBandAids, a fansite devoted to Avril Lavigne. Clicking on the link will automatically reload the YouTube video of Girlfriend every fifteen seconds. Fans of Avril Lavigne are encouraged to: “Keep this page open while you browse the internet, study for exams, or even sleep. For extra viewing power, open up two or more browser windows at this page!”

Nevertheless, it’s still a good music video and definitely a nice song from the queen of pop.

3. Charlie Bit my Finger

There is nothing more amusing to YouTube viewers than the antics of children. The look on the kid’s face after Charlie bit him was priceless. Cute babies with English accent are perhaps the main reason the video garnered so many views on Youtube. This video is so viral that a lot of spoofs came out portraying the two little boys.

4. Miley Cyrus – 7 Things – Official Music Video (HQ)

The Hannah Montana fever continues on Youtube as her single hit – 7 Things in her second album, Breakout attracted teenagers from all around the world to enjoy the music video of their idol on Youtube. The single debuted at number 84 on the Billboard Hot 100 and two weeks later of its release, it raised sixty spots from number 70 to number nine.

5. Lo que tú Quieras Oír

Lo que tú Quieras Oír (Whatever You Want To Hear) is a Spanish short drama written and directed by Guilermo Zapata. The video was added to YouTube on March 26, 2006 and it was notable for being the most-watched non-English video on YouTube. The story revolves around Sofia, who returns home to find a voicemail from her husband, “Miguel”, who decided to leave her. Sofia decided to change the message which sounds like Miguel was begging her for forgiveness and he regrets for doing so. Sofia told the remix voicemail that she will not accept Miguel anymore.

6. Rihanna –
7. Chris Brown –
8. Jeff Dunham –
10. Leona Lewis –
11. Alicia Keys –
12. Timbaland –
13. Susan Boyle –
14. Lady Gaga –
16. Jonas Brothers –
17. Jonas Brothers –
18. Vanessa Hudgens –
19. Chris Brown featuring T-Pain –
20. Potter Puppet Pals in
21. Michael Jackson –
22. Beyoncé –
23. Akon –
26. Timbaland –
27. Soulja Boy Tell`em –
28. Rihanna –
29. Paul –
31. Jordin Sparks featuring Chris Brown –
32. Beyoncé –
34. Connie Talbot –
35. Chris Brown –
36. Coldplay –
37. Sean Kingston –
38. Beyoncé –
39. Pitbull –
40. Free Hugs Campaign –
41. “Weird Al” Yankovic –
42. Rihanna –
43. FLO Rida feat. T.Pain Music from the Movie
44. High School Musical 2 –
45. OK Go –
47. Miley Cyrus –
48. Michael Jackson –
49. Aerosmith –
50. Rihanna –

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