Watch Astro Online


Feeling bored at office but couldn’t watch any TV programs? Or do not want to miss out any single episodes of the latest TV shows on Astro? Great news for all Malaysians as now you can watch Astro TV programs online for free!

PC Requirements

- Windows 2000 / XP or later
- At least Pentium III with 1GB storage capacity
- At least 256MB RAM

Browser Requirements

To watch it you will have to download :
- At least Internet Explorer 6 that has been updated with the latest patch.
( Preferably Internet Explorer 7.0 or later )
- Windows Media Player 9.0 or later

Visit Astro official websitee now & you can gain access to the video clips that were uploaded to be viewed by visitors. For some programs you will need to get an e-pass before you can view it. The only drawback is that not all TV programs will be uploaded to the website, but if you are looking for something to kill off your leisure time then this might be the best way for you to enjoy the TV programs for free.