MSN Scenes

Update: 21 Free And Awesome MSN Scenes Available For Download !


Windows Live Messenger (Formerly known as MSN) has put up a new feature where users will get to see a scene when they login to their MSN account. The MSN Scene is basically a skin that appears on top of your Windows Live Messenger window and transforms the look and feel, think of it like a comfortable blanket!

On first run of Windows Live Messenger you will be greeted by the default (this scene is featured as standard) but should you fancy a change why not opt for one of the thirty additional featured scenes!

* You may need to download the latest version of Windows Live Messenger to see this feature

How To Change Your MSN Scenes


If you want to change your MSN scene, point your mouse cursor to the top right corner of your windows, choose from the default scenes or upload your own pictures by clicking on the browse button in between the scene & the color scheme.

Do notice that your friends that are chatting with you will see the same scene that u r using on your own window.

Personally I do think that this feature has made my dashboard looks much more classy & trendy than the previous version, kudos for Windows staffs for adding such a wonderful feature :wink:

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