List Of Best Image Search Engines


Image Search Engine

If you’re like most web users, when you need a picture you go to Google images, right? Sure, it’s simple and Google casts a wide net, but there are other image search engines that may be useful too.

Featured are some from my favorites folder.

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Have You Read ‘The Dip’ From Seth Godin?

Life Rants


Some might think this book is irreverent. Others might find The Dip runs counter to their instincts and drives to keep on keeping on – no matter what, and at any cost.

Godin actually brings something new to the self-improvement mash up: know when to quit. It’s a message worthy of a read for those who take risks, walk uncharted roads and lead the way.

Sometimes, you just have to know when to throw in the towel.

So, a quick look at the main points etched in stone by Seth Godin in The Dip:

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7 Last Minute Holiday Gifts For You!



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Christmas is just a couple of days away and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. The holidays are a time of gift giving, but what about those computer geeks on your list?

Well, there’s lots of gadgets and gizmos to keep any geek happy all through the holidays. Here’s what I’d like to unwrap this year.

Oh, and I’m a geek, so I know these are sure to be winners this holiday :P

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10 Best Firefox Add-Ons


mozilla firefox

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Mozilla’s Firefox browser burst onto the web landscape a few years ago, and unlike IE, Firefox is doing it right.

In fact, the popularity of Firefox has grown significantly, and when you consider that this browser competes with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome, the success of Firefox is proof that Mozilla got it right by introducing a blank-slate browser that you customize to make your own.

Firefox supports a large, diverse and active community of independent developers. Visit the add-ons page at Mozilla and you’ll discover hundreds of features you can add to Firefox, enabling you to customize Firefox to your business needs, web cruising practices and personal preferences.

Ever since Firefox launched, Mozilla has promoted the browser as user-centric – a lesson every site owner can take to the bank. Engage your users and they become a digital community.

I use a number of browsers for different purposes, but I always come back to Firefox for routine web-based activity. And, by downloading add-ons, I’ve created a browser that meets my needs so my Firefox search page looks different from your search page, thanks to the roster of add-ons offered by Firefox.

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