What’s More Important? Content or Marketing?



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“Content is King”

“Content is king.” Or at least it used to be. But things change quickly in the blogosphere. Today, you can have really bad content – poorly written, typos, punctuation gaffes – but if you flog your site or blog enough, you’ll still see traffic – even of you can’t write a lick and don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

On the web, perception is reality and marketing creates perception. So, if you look good, but your blog posts are just spun articles from other sites, who cares? As long as your content get on the 1st page of Digg/ went viral with countless of RT on Twitter, people will still think your blog is awesome.

Here’s the problem: if the content isn’t good enough you wouldn’t have visitors coming back no matter how many times you ping your new content during the day. Visitors who have been to your site won’t return and word of mouth spreads like wildfire.

On the other hand, if your prose reads like poetry, but you don’t market your site, that poetic prose goes unread. No one can find it in the smash-up that has become the world wide web. It’s a content-marketing conundrum.

This leads to…

“Marketing Makes the Sale”

So, you won’t find a lot of well-written copy on the internet. Most of it is written by site owners or another bloke on the street who blogs just for the sake of making money online.

Marketing a site or blog is something anyone can do, though few do it well. Good marketing intrigues visitors to stop by a site or blog, but if the visitor stumbles upon your text that reads poorly, is stuffed with keywords and reads like a long form sales letter, that visitor bounces.

Good marketing is also good content. Unfortunately, good marketing and good content are often viewed as mutually exclusively. If you flog the content enough, you’ll drive traffic. That’s good marketing. If the content is well-written and helpful (informational, not sales hype) it’s good content.

So, which do you think is more important? A strong sales pitch or well-written content?

The 10 Traits of Successful Bloggers: You Got What It Takes?



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Everyone can talk a good game or deliver the goods and actually become a successful blogger and even – hold on – a professional blogger, as in you earn a living taking care of your blog. See the point here? They’re getting rich by earning decent dough writing words & selling ideas.

So, what are the secrets that made Darren Rowse & Daniel Scocco successful? Let’s take a look at the 10 traits of successful bloggers and see how many do you have

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Taglines: The Essence of You

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See, that’s a pretty good tagline for this article on developing good taglines.

In industry slang they’re called strap lines, slogans, tags and other terms, but the simple fact is, we all know what taglines are. They’re stuck in our heads.

And that’s just what a tagline does. It rings a bell. It’s a tiny little memory bit that stays with you sometimes for life. If you’re over 50, you remember, “I’d walk a mile for a beer.” Heck, if you were addicted to nicotine, you’d walk 10 miles for that cigarette!

What makes a good tag line?

There’s not a whole lot of agreement on this, even though it’s been studied, dissected, analyzed and presented to millions of focus groups, there’s still debate. In fact, I just Googled taglines and came up with 9,400,000 hits on something as simple as IBM’s “Think” from 50s and 60s.

However, take a look at all the tags when you googled. They all have some things in common. The things that make a tag line sticky, a memory bit that gets hardwired in your brain.

What are the attributes of any good tag line? Well, the tag line must do one thing: identify what you do or sell in a way that’s EASY 2 REMEMBER.

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The Art Of Persuasion: 10 Tips That Convert

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Persuasion is a critical aspect of successful web-based marketing, in part because you and the site visitor aren’t actually conversing face-to-face. So, your site text has to be pretty convincing and targeted to persuade that visitor to (1) stay on site and (2) perform the most desired action (MDA).

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Happy 21th Birthday To Me!

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Time passed so fast & in the twinkling of an eye, I am 21 years old. Nothing much happened this year other than the decision I have taken to become a full time blogger.

LiewCF’s post back in 2005 which he mentioned he quit his job to become a full time blogger has inspired me a lot. Of course, not everyone can become a full time blogger, but I sincerely believe that one can achieve their dream by working harder & don’t take things for granted.

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