Five Cool Desktop Blogging Apps To Simplify Your Work



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There are dozens of desktop blogging clients from which to choose from, but which one does the best job for you? Cut down on your content creation and posting chores with the right desktop blogging apps, and get serious about your blogs with these 5 cool blogging applications.

1. Ecto

Ecto is deep in features. This desktop blog editor is designed for the Mac OSX operating system and enables you to publish to a broad range of blog systems including Blogger, Blojsom, TypePad, WordPress, Drupal and other popular blogging platforms. Its user-friendly interface makes quick work of managing multiple blogs.

Ecto offers both an RTF and HTML editor with a strong spell-checker, a very useful search and replace feature and syntax-color coding within the HTML editor – a real time saver when creating customized scripts.

Ecto also supports remote management options provided by MoveableType’s API, adapting to a variety of data structures, object classes and OS protocols, greatly simplifying application building.

Advanced features include broad-based documentation, easy thumbnail creation, customized post settings and publishing ease in a variety of languages so you can go global with your blog on launch day.

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Climate Change : 5 Steps For A Better World

Life Rants

Climate Change

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Natural disasters have been going wild recently; from the Taiwan’s mudslide incident to the deadly tsunami in Pacific, we have certainly done something wrong that makes the mother nature so angry till she decided to unleash her anger on those who were innocent. Notably this may be caused by climate change. While these natural disasters were unpredictable, it’s not inevitable. We can take action and prevent it from happening again.

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Social Media Marketing: Seven Ways to Make It Work For You

Social Networking

Social media

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Whether you just launched your new web business or you’ve been around a couple of years ( a lifetime on the W3), if you aren’t using social media to market your site, well, you’re rowing with one oar out of the water.

What Is Social Media and Why Do I Want To Use It?

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Brightkite, Naymz, LinkedIn – these and many others, are all web sites actively seeking your membership, and better known as social media web sites. These free services are useful to individuals and companies in a variety of ways critical to web success.

A basic tenet of guerilla marketing is first described 4,000 years ago in Chinese tactician, Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War (still required reading at all U.S. military academies). When you, or your real-world or on-line business, create a profile page on LinkedIn, you employ the resources of LinkedIn to promote your services, goods or message.

The same is true of all social media sites. They’re free and they’re viewed by millions of people each day. Free exposure is always good for any business when properly deployed. That’s why everyone – from huge corporations to small, spare-room start-ups – use these sites. I upgraded the RAM on one of my computers but before I did I visited YouTube, did a site search for my computer name and RAM and up pops a half-dozen vid-clips on how to properly install my new RAM chips.

It makes the manufacturer look good, it cuts down on customer service or client care calls and it keeps the company name right in the viewer’s face.

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Top 16 Best Addictive Online Flash Games


Some of the most interesting and addictive games you can play today are online flash games. These games can be easily accessed from any computer with a web browser, and can be a great way to relieve some stress on a break at work or something to do just for the sheer fun of it. It can take a while, however, to sort through all of the choices to find the best online flash games.

There’s good news on that point: We’ve done some the homework for you. Just sit back and enjoy the list of top 16 best addictive online flash games:

1. Jelly Battle

Jelly Battle

Choose up to 4 players and get ready to squash the jelly! You will be playing as a jelly
that jumps all over the icons and destroy your opponents with the power you have just acquired. The icons will move down one space every time after one cycle has been completed. Remember not to jump on red icons as those are land mines, choose pink icons to attack your opponent, green icon to fill in your health bar or light blue icon to acquire special power.

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How To Create E-Books That Sell



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E-books are very popular on the web. No running to Barnes and Noble. No waiting for a shipment from Amazon. You pay your money, click and that book is on your hard drive ready to be read for fun or profit (mostly profit, from what I can tell).

Anyway, e-books are also used as FREE give-aways. In these cases, the recipient has to provide an e-mail address, knowing that an endless barrage of auto-responders will follow once you’ve captured the e-mail address. Even so, they’ll put up with the back sell and take a chance that the e-book is worth the hassle.

Whether you sell an e-book or give it away as opt-in bait, all e-books are based on certain publishing principles. That’s right. When you offer a download, you’re a publisher in the Digital Age. So make that e-book make sense.

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