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Respect The Pouch (a.k.a. Disrespectoids) is the website created by Kraft to promote Caprisun, the low calorie and healthy drink that helps kid to grow healthier and stronger.

As you get to homepage, you get to choose from a variety of games, portrayed by different characters. Choose from Bobble Head Fred’s Crash Course, Chuck The Clucker’s Hard Boiled, Boing Boing Betty’s Throwdeo, Whoopee Cushner’s Stink The Landing, or Leaky Louie’s Odd Jobbin.

Get points and unlock the achivements to earn great stuff and prizes, and remember to respect the pouch or you will be punished!

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What happens if you don’t respect the pouch? Just ask the NEW Disrespectoid: BOING BOING BETTY!

Just like Bobblehead Fred and the others, she dissed Capri Sun and got busted down!

PLUS, you can now unlock the BONUS CHARACTER by getting every achievement!

See their world. Play the NEW game. Unlock NEW achievements to get sweet NEW stuff. And whatever you do — RESPECT THE POUCH!

Click here to play Respect The Pouch

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