Why Innity Rocks


If you search for Innity on Google, there’s a high probability you will get into any pages that say Innity doesn’t pay much, local ad company sucks and all sorts of rubbish. While people have bad impressions of the company, I personally disagree with their opinions as I would say Innity is definitely one of the best paying CPM network that I have ever joined.

Before joining Innity, I have tried several CPM companies. None of them work for me. Or should I say, they don’t pay as much as what my traffic deserved. While I don’t get millions of traffic per day, I do have traffic that’s geographically and demographically targeted. So I went on to search for CPM networks that I think will work best for me and this company comes to my sight – Innity.

Innity Stats

Right now I am using Adsdaq ads, thanks to who has a great time running the ads on his blog. Seeing his accomplishment, I decided to try it on my own and set up Adsdaq as primary ad network while using Innity as my secondary ad option. To my surprise both of them worked out perfect and I have made good use of the traffic that I get. So for anyone who has lots of Malaysian traffic and is looking for a good local ad company, Innity stands out as your choice. Try it out on your own and see if it works out well.

Image via Innity

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