Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card

Visa Electron Card

Since I still do not have a job, this Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card has been an alternative for me to apply for further usage in purchases & selling online. Finally, something other than credit card that can be used to activate my Paypal account. Can do my evil plan now…


Update : Here’s a tutorial on how to withdraw Paypal funds to your Visa Electron Debit Card

1. Login to your Paypal account & click ‘Withdraw

2. Later, click on the link “Transfer funds to your card”.

3. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw.

4. Check your withdrawal details. After all are confirmed, click on the ‘Confirm‘ button

5. Lastly you will see a confirmation message saying that the process is in progress

6. Be patient… Wait for few days for it to be progress & voila, money is in your card now!

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