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Tired of working/studying for the whole day?

Then check this out! These cute cats emoticons can let you relax after being so tired in a day, so cute that makes you feel wanna pinch their faces!

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I got awards!


Award 2 BreakOut

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Yeah, see how good is my blog? :mrgreen:

Thanks Yung for giving me the awards!

Want to get this award? Just kindly leave your comment on this post & I will give it away to 10 person who comment first.

Lee Chong Wei Made Into The Final!

Life Rants

Never thought of writing this post since I am not a badminton fans, but guess I have to share this with fellow Malaysians; Lee Chong Wei managed to made it to the final of French Open!

It seems Chen Jin injured his left leg during the match, Lee just played the ball left & right as Chen couldn’t run, you can see Chen panting as the match going on. So congratz for Lee Chong Wei for getting an easy win!

So, do you think he’s going to win the title?

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Last Gasp Goal Keep Arsenal Unbeaten

Arsenal FC

Arsenal remains unbeaten thanks to a dramatic last minute goal from Gallas, who turned from villain to hero because of his own goal before half time. Arsenal unbeaten record looked to be ended when Ronaldo scored a vital goal for MU from a nice pass from Evra, yet Gunners skipper proved he has he ability to turn things around near the end of second half, funny thing is that Walcott didn’t notice the ball has passed the line & keep shooting until Fabregas went to hug him :smile:

P.S. : To Wayne & fellow MU Fans,
Arsenal is still on top of the table :twisted:
Viva La Arsenal!

Going back to KL tomorrow, but will not go straight back to my hostel, instead I will attend the Malaysia Financial Exhibition in Mid Valley (MyFex 2007) to buy some financial books. Yeah, I am a money-minded person, so this kind of exhibition is perfect for me. So, anyone of you who are reading this will go to the exhibition tomorrow?

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Life Rants

I have been worrying like hell these two days when my blog was down, thank God I found out what went wrong with my blog & be able to fix it! Phew, I just started to blog for around one month & I really hope this won’t be the end of my blog, maybe God really knows I am addicted to blogging that’s why he showed me how to fix it :smile:

The thing that I worried the most when my blog is down is my readers! I am so afraid to see all those people who used to comment at my blog won’t come back again, even though not many of them but you all are my motivation to keep on blogging & I really appreciate it! *sob*

One more thing: Is anyone going to attend the webmaster gathering on November 17th? I really hope to see you guys there. Click here to get update with the latest news!

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