Hostel II



Woohoo ~ It’s Friday night! Guess what am I going to do? Clubbing? No… Play Dota? Nah… It’s movie time! Teng teng teng…. It’s Hostel 2!

Horror movies have always been my favourite, especially those with violent & gore scenes, muahahaha…… I know it sounds like a freak, but I am addicted to this kind of movies ever since I came back after finishing my exchange year in Argentina last year…

It begins at the ending of the last film with Paxton on the train after escaping the factory and dealing with the aftermath of what he’s been through and the death of his friends, slowly transitioning into a story of three American college girls studying abroad in Italy. They decide to take a weekend trip to Prague, but a young Eastern European beauty persuades them to visit a spa in Bratislava and stay at the infamous hostel of the earlier saga. The girls photos were posted on the internet & businessmen bidding on them. At the end of the auction the two winners are introduced, one being extremely intense, loud and brash and the other a very timid, seemingly broken man that is pressured into participating and has second thoughts about going through with the whole thing. Read More »

My New Baby

Life Rants

So happy to see my new toy — A new pc!

My babe

it’s a Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium by Dell,

thanks to Dell for giving me such a cute baby! Dell has promotion all the time, so you can get yourself a new pc now, except this because it is MINE! :twisted:

Do you believe Online Shopping in Malaysia?

Life Rants

Are you a Malaysian? Have you ever buy something online? I have decided to write about this after I saw this post by Boon on his blog. It’s a true story about his colleague who has ordered a toy Elmo from Parkson online & eventually did not received the item that was ordered because of some stupid reasons that were given by the manager, which is just so ridiculous! Do check out the post & read the whole story

It seems that most of the Malaysians are conservative minded, they prefer to buy something only when they can see the item in front of them rather than giving out their own credit cards number online; This is perhaps the major concern of those people who wants to buy something online as they feel insecure. But think of this: You do not need to go through the hassle of finding car parks and stuck in the jam for hours, isn’t that why E-Commerce sites were created? So Malaysians, better change your mind now & start supporting online shopping! (Only that I will have customers in the future for my business, you also don’t want to see me doing nothing after graduate, right?)

I felt sorry for what was happened to Boon’s colleague & as a student who’s pursuing E-Commerce in a local college, I really have to consider my choice of choosing the subject again. Thanks for their “contributions”, online shopping may not be popular in Malaysia for a while.. Why don’t they just learn something from Exabytes? Their costumer service are just excellent, at least they won’t sell something that is out of stock but still placing the particular item on the first page :P

So, would you still buy something online in Malaysia?

The fate of a $10,000 scholarship is in your hand!


Dear Bloggers,
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Funny Ebay Auction


Received a funny image via email from a friend, it took some time before I figured out the answer, try to guess it! Here’s the question:

Funny Ebay Auction
Click the image to enlarge
How can you tell it is being sold by a man? Can you solve this little riddle? First look and guess. You will find the answer below, but don’t cheat! Know the answer? If not, scroll down now….. Read More »