Social Spark – Izea New Baby & Argus Debut


Ted Murphy is a Facebook-aholic. Don’t believe me? Check out his latest project: Social Spark. It is a social network for advertisers which is a combination of Facebook + PayPerPost + Google Analytics.

Social Spark
Still thinking about your blog recent PR demotion?

No worry as the new method of ranking won’t be based on Pagerank anymore. (Hope everyone who has experienced PR demotion will be glad upon hearing this :wink: )It will only be launched next January, so until then you can sign up for more information about Social Spark at their homepage. You can check out Andy Beard post to get a better idea of it.

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Cute Puppies


After a week of hardwork, I have something to say to myself & also my readers: Thanks God It’s Saturday! I have uploaded some cute puppies photos for you guys, hope you all enjoy it!

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Jokela Massacre – Eight Dead after Youtube Rant


Just months after the Virginia Tech Massacre, another high school massacre happened in Finland, hours after bragging on the internet that he planned to unleash a bloodbath. He addressed himself as Sturmgeist89, uploaded a film entitled “Jokela High School Massacre — 11/7/2007” to the video sharing website, YouTube. Unfortunately few hours later Youtube has deleted the video, so we won’t be able to search for that video again.

Jokela Youtube

Photos taken from

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My Sexy Desktop Wallpaper

Life Rants

Want to know my secret on how I managed to update my blog frequently? Here’s my secret:

Sexy Desktop Wallpaper
Looking at her really makes me feel motivated, her eyes, lips, hair… Love Onion
*Cough* Ok, back to the topic, do you know who she is? If you have watched the movie “不能說的秘密” before then you must know that she starred as 晴依 in that movie. Damn, Jay Chou is lucky to kiss her…

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Just Out Of Curiousity…

Blogosphere, Wordpress

How long does it takes for you to write a post? For me if I have an idea of what to write, normally it would take 15-30minutes, however if I don’t have any idea 2hours depends on how long is my post, or else I just wait & wait until I got the inspiration… Sometimes it takes more time to think rather than write; Avoid writing boring posts, interact with readers through post, try not to criticize other blogs, etc… However if you have nothing to blog about you can always refer to my blog post regarding things to do when you have nothing to blog about, hope you can learn some great tips over there

Here’s a tip for those who couldn’t type fast: Open several conversation windows on MSN to chat with leng zai/leng lui, if you type slow, you won’t get your dream boy/girl, so you have no reason to type slow now :wink:

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