Happy Birthday to Me!

Life Rants

Happy Birthday!
Selamat Hari Jadi!
Sheng Ri Kuai Le!
Sang Yat Fai Lok!
¡Feliz cumpleaños!

Official 19-year-old, woohoo~

No more Jorja Fox or Sara Sidle in CSI


I have been a CSI fan since high school & I am shocked by the news that Jorja Fox, or better known as Sara Sidle has make it official to leave CSI.
Jorja Fox
Well apparently it’s her decision to leave. I am sad to see her leave but support the actress’ decision to choose another road. However, she did mentioned that “I have to get off the ride for a while”, who knows if she will be back in the future. CSI won’t be the same CSI anymore if anyone of the cast leaved. I will continue to watch but may not enjoy it as much. I just hope she leaves on a happy note!

There’s no one who can replace her in the tv drama series, maybe they will consider to get her back when the viewing rate gets lower…

Who says Facebook is only for teenagers?


Seems that nowadays adults are crazy for Facebook too. Just last month an intern was busted when he told his boss that he couldn’t go to work because “Something came up at home” Guess what has he done? Take a look at the following photos & you will understand better.

Explanation Mail

Email No Work

Email No Work 2

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Spammers Fall In Love With Me


Ever since I created my email account there are tons of spam emails that are so eager to sneak into my account, which most of them consist of sex related contents. Lets take a look at the one which I like the most:

Sex Spam Mail

:arrow: Click the image for a better view

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Gambar Tangkap Basah & Awek


Mahu gambar tangkap basah?
Haraf maaf sini tak ada,
Buat apalah susah-susah,
taip ’seks’ dekat Google dapat lihat semua!

Apa waktu sekarang ini,
Masih mahu bermiang-miang lagi,
Kalau ada begitu banyak masa klik sana-sini,
Lebih baik tidur awal sikit,
Berdoa agar dapat tengok awek berbaju sedikit,
Tetapi ingatlah sesekali,

Jaga baik-baik “adik” sendiri,
Kalau tidak nanti patah tidak dapat “bangun” lagi! :mrgreen:

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