Izzi – 4G Wireless Broadband In Malaysia

Izzi is the 4G Wireless Broadband In Malaysia which offers the plug & play feature for internet users. They have 5 different packages, which are :

Izzi One

iZZione card terminal is an ultra lightweight PCMCIA card that offers extreme mobility and Internet connectivity on-the-go within its network coverage areas

Izzi You

iZZiyou USB terminal conveniently connects you to the fast mobile wireless broadband Internet access.


iZZipro has a powerful antenna and Ethernet as well as USB ports to speed up the connection.


The iZZi UTD is the perfect solution for home & internet users who wants to have fast speed connection.


The iZZiex package consists of an ultra-lightweight PCI Express/54 card terminal with a 12 months subscription plan offering road- warriors the ultimate mobility and connectivity to complement the latest, cutting-edge notebooks. The PCI Express/54 terminal is integrated with a polarisation antenna which enhances reception thus providing better connectivity performance.

There are Celcom, Maxis, P1 Wimax & UMobile, but which broadband do you prefer?